Adidas (and Sid Lee) Do It Again

If you haven’t seen the new Adidas Star Wars spot and microsite yet, you’re missing out. First off, the launch spot (posted below) follows the tone and style of the original Adidas Houseparty work. But with the addition of Star Wars and some sweet Darth Vader shots, the new spot is set to make a mark and stop a lot of people from fast forwarding through it on their PVR’s.

The real gem of this campaign, though, is the microsite. Launched in late November, the site integrates Facebook Connect and creates a short story about Darth Vader targeting your location. When I logged in via connect, my profile picture was pulled into the movie and so was a Street View picture of my flat in London (not sure how they pulled this one into the experience…somewhat strange but still cool!).

Vader then, using the Death Star, targets my flat and blows it up – leaving a large Adidas logo in the Google Map where my flat once was.

After the experience is over you get the usual stuff (send to a friend, become a fan, etc). I like this campaing because it creates a digital experience around the product, incorporates social aspects into it (and Adidas as over 2 million fans on Facebook) and generally gets the user excited about the product.

I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore Star Wars fan by any means, however after watching the spot, going through this experience and checking out the inspired kicks, it’s hard not to want a pair.

Go to the microsite now.

Original post found via So Sticky.


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