This is why you hire an ad agency

This campaign is ridiculous. Not only is it horrible, demeaning to women and the opposite of creative, but it is also highly illegal.

The ad itself is illegal as they feature George Laraque who sadly IS seen as a role model as well as the website has no legal drinking age qualifier.

In Canada we cannot use athletes or anyone who can be seen as a “role model” in alcohol related ads. I call this the Don Cherry rule, as it was after Don Cherry a famous Canadian hockey player, coach and broadcaster/commentator was featured in a Molson Canadian ad that all sports related role models were banned from appearing in alcohol ads. I have no idea how or why George Laraque’s agent allowed this and I imagine that both the brand as well as him will be fined.

I warn you – if you have an ounce of intelligence this commercial will insult bit go on readers and press play.

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