No More Formats

I hate being stuck to a media plan before a client has even given us a creative brief. It’s so limiting to know that you’ve got to fit your idea into a box before you even have one. For some creatives though, it can be a good thing. You know what you’re working towards and you simply have to check off the format.

I think good advertisers go beyond the format though. Great ideas definitely do.

That’s why I love this short film (spot) from Adidas. It’s a few years old but still reeks of cool, style and substance. You don’t get more brand than this, however I can’t think of many brands that do brand spots with so much product in them.

Here’s to the 2:40 second format, the 4:40 second spot, the applications and the experiences that enable the idea, not conform to the traditional placement.

Thanks to Matt for the link.

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