Creative Makes a Difference

When I first started at an ad agency, I questioned the extend to how far creative could go to help a brand and drive sales. I emailed an old professor and even asked him to recommend a couple of books that show the direct tie between creative and sales.

Thoughout my agency journey, I’ve since realized what a stupid question this was. Brands are build on creativity and the best one’s aren’t afriad to change the game and stand out. The most common examples are also some of the most successful companies – Apple, Nike, Honda – among the few.

So when a creative colleague of mine sent me this video, I had to post it immediately. Created by a team in Australia, the video shows how some smart copy can change the value of a product in a consumers mind.

The exection of this case video is great. Same product, same medium and just a bit of creativity. I especially like the “Google it” tag at the end. Want to have a great way to show your digital success? This is it.

Nice work team and thanks to Ken for the link.

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