Got a Great Application Idea? Make it happen.

Full disclosure: I worked on this campaign, specifically in the digital realm. A ton of great people helped put it together and we’re all extremely happy with the way users are engaging with it across the digital world. Let me know your (honest) thoughts here.

In early June, Rogers launched a national campaign to announce that Google Android devices had finally come to Canada. The two featured devices, the HTC Magic and Dream, are Google-enabled and loaded with excellent applications (from Latitude to YouTube). As an iPhone user, I was pretty skeptical about the capabilities of the device but after playing with it for over three months, I was hooked. The full keyboard makes a huge difference and there are a ton of apps that you can’t (yet) get on the iPhone.

The campaign was launched through TV, print, OOH and a number of digital extensions – from a pre-launch microsite to YouTube page takeovers. Our campaign microsite used video and innovative technology to really bring the devices to life. Check it out here.

But the reason for this post is to discuss a Facebook contest that launched yesterday. With the launch of the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android platforms, everyone is starting to think about applications that they’d love to have on their phones. From games to maps, contacts to social networks, you can get just about anything. But if you could make your own application, what would it be?

That’s the question that we’ve asked to our users and in just 24 hours and we’ve already had a ton of submissions. Each week, we are giving away a device to the top voted on idea and at the end of the contest, Rogers will select one to actually build for the user.

Users can submit their ideas via copy or mobile and it’s extremely simple to submit your idea and reach out (read: spam) your friends for votes. Take a look at some of the submissions and feel free to put in your own.

I always love feedback to any campaign so please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks to everyone who was involved. Sweet work.

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