How to ruin a perfectly good vacation…

Virgin Australia has just launched a new contest that revolves around Twitter. The contest asks people to apply for a trip to LA and the chance to win a round-the-world ticket from the airline. Winners get to go to LA for three days but there is a small, 140-character catch:

You have to post a Tweet every minute from their 3-day trip. That’s 4320 tweets in 72 hours.

While I really like the site design (simple, straightforward writing), I don’t know how much fun this prize would be for the winner – especially if you’ve never been to LA before. It’s one thing to have a great experience, quite another to have to apologize to everyone you meet to post a Tweet every 60 seconds.

That being said, the amount of content that will be produced from this will be interesting. I don’t know many Twitter users who would want to follow a person like this for 72 hours, but it could generate some good buzz for the contest and raise awareness around the trip (which I’m sure was the main objective).

What do you think? Would you enjoy LA if you had to tweet every minute of your trip?

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