Thanks Microsoft. You just made the worst ads of the year.

Warning: These ads are horrible. They will make you feel stupid, dirty and sad to be a part of an industry that took part in creating them. They represent what’s wrong with advertising. Dumb agencies who place “shock-value” at the center of their creative instead of sound strategy that differentiates their product from their competitors. Clients who can be sold on anything and don’t think about the consequences for their products.

If you created these ads, please quit the industry and find something new. I’d recommend something that involves you never leaving the house, talking to anyone or – God forbid – selling something. If you approved these ads, don’t worry, you’ll be fired soon. I just recommend never admitting to having a hand in them if you ever want to find another job as a marketer.

To the agency, Microsoft, media company and production groups, thanks for making all other work feel great in comparison to this awful campaign. When I think of IE8, I think of these spots. And I feel so, so, so much better for my Mac Book Pro and Firefox browser.

The spots are so bad I don’t even want to put them on AdJoke. You can view the 60 here.

UPDATE: Valleywag just reported that Microsoft has pulled the ad. I guess that’s what happens when you get a guy from Police Academy to direct your spots for you. Hey Microsoft, I hear the geek from 16 Candles is available to shoot your next awful campaign.

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