A New Way to Pitch

A few weeks ago, a new microsite launched in Canada called whatsinyourbudget.ca. Although that URL might sound like a government site explaining the current bailout package, it’s not. It’s from Elemental – a global agency (though the campaign is Toronto based) – and it’s a call to action for marketers across Toronto to rethink their agencies.

Unlike the traditional RFP process that most brands make agencies go through, Elemental is asking interested brands to fill out a small form and apply for their services. The winning agency will receive free strategic and creative servies for the campaign of their choosing (any prodcution or media won’t come with the deal but still, it’s a great prize – especially for a small to mid-sized business).

The campaign launched with a large street team moving through the central agency district in Toronto the way a protest moves through the streets. A Twitter page has also been launched to help support the campaign and the microsite provides additional materials to check out and help spread the word.

So does something like this work?

According to a colleague, the answer is yes. In the first 24 hours, the agency received a few applications and I’d assume that they are going to receive at least 20-30 over the campaign period (they’ve got direct mail to help support as well). What I’m interested in is what brand they select to represent and how the relationship grows over time.

At the end of the day, most agencies just want one chance with a new client to show them their capabilities – a small brief or challenge. If the client isn’t impressed, you move on. If they are, you can suddenly find yourself drowning in a ton of new briefs.

Thanks to Dustin for the heads up and all the links.

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