Do you have a short attention span?

A new campaign has recently launched for the Worldwide Short Film Festival (brought to us by the Canadian film center). You might remember a few of the :15’s that ran last year if you went to the annual event (winners of the Silver Pencil at the One Show and Gold at the Bessies). Here’s one of ’em:

To help promote this year’s event, the next iteration of the campaign carries on with the “Short Attention Span” idea and amplifies it in a few unique ways. Along with a number of new spots, the campaign also contains a full-length music video:

To be honest, I found the video a bit strange when I first viewed it. That being said, it is good to see clients take chances with creating content like this. It’s also excellent to see creative teams build on great ideas rather than tear them down and re-think new (mostly worse) ones. I think that the strategy behind this idea is great and the spots raise awareness (quickly) about the event.

Next year, I think that they could do some innovative digital tactics – especially with the site. If I have a short attention span (which I do), make it extremely easy to get the information I want. In fact, check out this Mini site from a year or so back and you’ll see what I mean. I love the “enter how much time you have” utility and the way the site quickly customizes to what you want.

All in all, it’s nice to see a campaign built around a solid idea. The extensions for this are limitless and hopefully the smart folks behind this campaign keep it up for the next few years.

Thanks to Chris from Doug for the links and background.

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