T-Mobile turns Subway Prank into a campaign

A few week ago, we posted about the stunt that T-Mobile put together in Liverpool station. Hundreds of ‘planted’ tube travellers broke out into a dance that left unaware travellers stunned (and sort of excited). The video became a hit (especially among idea-starved agencies and clients) and T-Mobile is rolling out a number of stunts across Europe and Asia to continue to support their ‘Life’s for sharing’ campaign.

Their newest, and my favorite, occured on April 30th. T-Mobile took over Trafalgar Square in London and gave 13,500 people microphones. They set up a huge screen and broadcast Hey Jude by The Beatles for everyone to sing along too. What transpired was a great video that built on their campaign and is sure to be noticed (and watched) by millions:

I think that the digital possibilities for this campaign are endless. The idea of bringing people together and sharing is perfectly suited for the medium and I hope that T-Mobile evolves the campaign from location-specific stunts to global ways to rally a group of people around a common passion.

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