FINALLY: An Truly Integreated Campaign

Back in November, we wrote about the cool microsite from Sprint called Sprint Now. Since that time, the site has been updated with a number of great new widgets (including the Top 10 Google Search terms of the day, the number of texts currently being sent on Sprint devices right now and the current national debt).

Not only has the site been updated, but Sprint recently launched a new spot to help promote their “Now Network:”

I’m a big fan of this spot. For starters, it came from the site – not the other way around. It’s a spot full of the widgets on the site and it contains some great stats (I love the Twitter one specifically). Secondly, it focuses on Sprint. The number of text sent on their network, the number of calls, the types of messages, the uploaded videos – everything.

When you compare this campaign to the Verizon ‘Can you hear me now’ stuff, it seems bigger. Sure, Verizon might technically be more reliable but with applications and spots like this, Sprint seems way more in touch with their customers. Nice stuff.

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