Simple Navigation Makes a Big Difference

A super-smart colleague of mine just helped LG launch their new US website. It was a massive undertaking and as result of some smart planning, the new experience is slick, simple and very user friendly.

What I love most about this site is the navigation on the left-hand site. I love how it always stays with you. To a user not in the digital space, you’d never think about how intuitive the nav is, you’d just be happy that it works seamlessly and you know exactly where you are within the site.

But if you look closer, you can see that the navigation allows you to scroll back and forth without changing your current page or hitting the dreaded “Back” button. Why does this matter? Because in large sites you can get lost – quickly. And you can often miss what you are looking for because a capable IA hasn’t thought about how the content should be structured and flow.

These ideas are never given enough credit – they’re not the sexy 60 second spot or the cool Facebook app. But they matter and allow brands to keep consumers feeling good about them (and help them find what they are looking for…a key step in any purchase decision).

Great idea, Jenna, and nice work to all the LG team who worked on the redesign.

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