RIP Viewfinder

I never thought this day would come. Reading last week’s issue of The Economist tonight, I stumbled upon a short article about the death of the Viewfinder.

Fisher-Price, the manufacturer of the device that has been a staple of Americana for the last 70 years, announced the elimination of the toy due to declining sales. Sure, the web is more exciting and you can pretty see anyplace in the world with a quick, click of a button but the Viewfinder was a great toy. As I kid, I used to love looking into these things and watching a show about the latest Disney character or random far-off place. It was simple and sweet.

“In all,” the Economist writes, “more that 1.5 billion [Viewfinder] reels have been produced, everyone to the same size and format, and usable in every model of Viewer ever made.”

That’s a ton of content and a lot of cool memories. I love the web but I’m going to miss this little guy.

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