Great Advice from KR

We’ve posted about Kevin Roberts before (he’s the CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi worldwide) but I loved his recent post so much I had to blog it.

Roberts talks about how easy it is to become sidetracked – especially during a stressful, economic time. There is always so much going on, too much work to get through in the day and not enough time to really think about the things that matter – in life and in work. So how do you overcome the stress and the huge pile of papers on your desk?

Make a list.

Kevin suggests these 5 key things for your list (that you should make Tomorrow):

  1. Refer to your 100 Day Plan. (Saatchi operates under the idea of creating 100 day plans in order to accomplish the important goals that can’t wait. I love this idea and think it has huge potential wherever you work)
  2. List what needs to be done next.
  3. Start each item with a verb. You want a list of real, physical actions you will take.
  4. Cross off at least half the items on your list. Decide what’s to go and what’s to stay based on importance, not urgency.
  5. Get started.

Simple, straightforward and upfront.

It’s funny but isn’t this exactly how great campaigns are created? A single-minded message, a straightforward brief and a strong point. Most importantly, great work requires focus. Ignore the stuff around the edges and just focus on what matters.

But remember, write it down first.

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