A Different Approach to Cell Phone Advertising

You can’t deny it – Droga 5 has done some great stuff in the last few years.

A collegue of mine just flipped me a link to this spot from Australia:

I really like the “hit them hard” strategy of this spot. The tone of the voice at the end brings some good humour to the spot in contrast to the first 70 seconds of good, old fashioned heartwarmingness.

The spot captures the feeling that a lot of people have about their cell phone provider: hate.

Long contracts, legal, ‘too good to be true plans’ and add-on pricing has done this to telcos everywhere. Some are better than others, no doubt, but Droga 5’s work doesn’t let any of them leave untarnished.

When you check out the microsite, you can watch some good comic videos about the services and also explore what Net10 is, how it works and – most importantly – how your current cell phone comany is evil.

I really enjoyed the site experience – it’s simple, the tools at utility that’s practical (not just how much I would save but stores that are close to me and even a tool to help find someone to take over my current contract).

A good campaign from start to finish. And one that doesn’t pull any punches.

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