Ad Industry, It’s Time to Step Up

To many agencies, working with not-for-profit companies or charities provides an excellent opportunity to do great creative. Most charities have little funding for agenencies which generally means that clients are more prepared to give-up some control to the creative teams (and that usually results in great work). Charities provide compelling briefs and stories that can inspire agencies to do their best (and also give them a powerful campaign to enter into awards shows).

This relationship seems to suit agencies and not-for profits – we give you a cheaper rate and, in turn, you enable us to do work that is game changing (and a bit more risky).
But why don’t we just do something for the sake of doing it? Rather than focus on awards, our portfolio’s or resume points, why can’t we just help out a good cause?
That’s where 100 Wishes comes in. The small microsite has been created by a group of Toronto agenies, suppliers, editors and other industry folk with a simple challenge to the industry: help grant 100 wishes to children with a terminal illness.
Make A Wish foundation is the charitable partner and although the site is extremely straightforward, it carries a powerful message. The most notable part? The 100 wishes. Here is a sample of a few of them:
  • I want to have a butterfly playroom
  • I want to go to Disney World
  • I wish for a piano
  • I want to go on a shopping spree with my sister
  • I wish to have a hot tub
  • I wish to have a backyard garden

What amazed me about the Wish List was how easy it would be for an agency to help grant one or two. This is a real list, developed by the kids and Make a Wish and it’s truly touching. I hope that everyone takes a minute to explore the site, read through the wishes and rally a group to donate (and pass the site on to your friends).

It’s worth it.

Great work to everyone involved with the creation of the site.
UPDATE: CityTv recently featured a quick segment on the Make a Wish foundation and the campaign. Be sure to watch it here.

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