Job Sites Going Niche

In case you didn’t hear, the web has a ton of niche sites for anyone’s specific interests. One category that is starting to become more fragmented is the Job Search market.

Sites like and CareerBuilder provide a huge starting ground for perspective job seekers and employeers, but because of their size, the jobs can range from sweeping floors to being a CEO – they don’t make it that easy to find exactly what you want.
On the flip side, employeers might receive hundreds of CV’s but how many of them are actually qualified leads?
One great example of a niche job site is TalentEgg. We’ve written about it before but if you’re a student (or one that is just about to graduate) it’s a great place to post your CV and find a company that is right for you. As you can see from the design, it’s extremly easy to start a profile and start job searching.
TalentEgg differentiates itself because it’s not for everyone – it’s for students. This approach helps to define a tight strategy for the site because they know exactly who their target is and what they want.
On the flip side, a new job site called The Ladders has just launched:
How does the Ladders differentiate itself? It only posts jobs with starting salary’s above $100K US. Interesting idea but still broad when you think about it. How will the Ladders qualify who can become a member and who can’t?
I’m sure there are a lot of students out there who think that they are worth $100K right out of school. How does the Ladder insure that employeers aren’t flooded with resume’s of unqualified people?
All and all, niche is here to stay. I don’t want to go to just any job site, I want to go to one that’s designed just for me.

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