AdJoke and Facebook Connect – Together

A few weeks ago, we did a post about a great presentation put together by the folks at Razorfish about the potential uses of Facebook Connect. After doing some more research on the new service, I think that it could become a huge part of the web in the next year and it’s something that all digital people should be aware of (and testing / trying).

Think about it. In the near future, you’re going to be able to take your friends with you to any site you want (or kick them out for ones you don’t want them coming with you too). Sites will optimize their content based on your interests, what you like and want, your location, your data. Imagine checking out a product review and reading the comments of all your friends who have tried it, bought it, tested it.

Better yet. Imagine having your friends there to tell you what they think of a purchase, product or service before you buy. It’s like being at a shopping mall with a friend and asking for their opinion on a shirt before you lay down the cash for it.

Facebook Connect is coming and we want you to be prepared. To that end, we’ve spend the last little while trying to figure out how to add FB Connect to AdJoke and to be honest, it was pretty easy.

As you’ll see, to leave a comment on any of our posts, all you have to do is login to your Facebook profile (from AdJoke) and comment away. Your comments might appear in the Facebook newsfeed for your friends to see and you’ll have access to photo’s of the other people in the AdJoke community.

We’re pretty excited to test it out. Try it for yourself now by leaving a comment!

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