Mini Cooper AR Ad. Best Print Ad of 2008.

This is the coolest print ad of 2008. If you disagree I will fight you.

MINI has used augmented reality (AR) technology to create a truly interactive media piece out of a 2-dimensional magazine ad.

Using AR tracking technology, as you hold the ad up to your computer’s webcam, you’ll see a 3-D model of a MINI Cabrio convertible that moves as you turn the sheet of paper around. SWEET SHIT.

[not me in the pic]

All you need is a copy of the ad, a webcam, and a web browser (sorry, Internet Explorer/ActiveX only) to view the 3-D AR effect.

The ad appeared recently in three German automotive magazines: Auto, Motor und Sport, Werben & Verkaufen and Autobilde.

Interested to see how it works?
Print out a PDF of the ad and head on over to the MINI augmented reality web site to have a look. Trust me it is really cool.

The race to be #2 is on……

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