Twitter ideas for bands

The Tweet: chrisbrogan RT @brackley: Anyone have info on Twitter use for bands/music? Not in a MySpace way. (Send your answers to @brackley)

I couldn’t fit my rely in 140 characters or less so here we go. I took a little bit of time and thought of 11 ways a band could use twitter to connect with fans, build a community, activate the community and show the community that they care.

I hope it helps @brackley.

  1. Twitpic the studio process. Share shots of the band hanging out writing music, laying down the tracks.
  2. Share pics of random pieces of lyrics.
  3. Tweet selected lyrics or choruses of new songs.
  4. Even better tweet a line or two of lyrics. Have your fans following you on twitter @reply with their next line ideas.
  5. Share a link to a song. Ask for fans to recommend song names.
  6. Spill the beans on the set list for upcoming shows 30 minutes before taking stage.
  7. Ask fans to tweet their dream set list for your band.
  8. Ask the fans what they want to be the encore song. Maybe also what song they would love to hear you cover live. The most popular or best responses you play.
  9. Use twitter to source and find opening local bands on a tour.
  10. Ask your fans who you should get to design your new cover.
  11. Do a free show. Send a twitpic or link to site where followers can print that picture to get into shows no line, no cover, etc.

I have got to get back to work. Brant Rackley I hope this helps.

AdJoke readers leave your comments below. Add to the list, criticize mine, whatever…just join the conversation.

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