NY Agency Sex Tape [Seriously?]

Agency Spy recently wrote about a video they received showing two NY digital agency folks having sex in their office pod. Allegedly, the two are pretty senior and the video is making it’s way around the web pretty fast.

Asylum just posted an anonymous interview with the guy who shot the video. He was fired about a week after the video went viral and claims that he sent it to two co-workers after he download the file from his mobile to his computer. Less than a week later, it was posted on top sites and HR found him and let him go. When asked how the video got out, he responded:

“I showed a couple of officemates on my phone and everyone was shocked and awed. I downloaded it to my computer and sent it on to two other co-workers and that was all the digital distribution I did and it just went viral from there. And a week later it ended up on Gawker and Mediabistro and then the word got back to me that all the creatives were sending it around. I freaked. I thought it was amazing how something could go viral and end up online so quickly when I had nothing to do with it really. I didn’t call Gawker. I didn’t e-mail anybody.”

The two who were having sex kept their jobs and the video guy got canned.

A colleague of mine always says that ad agencies are just like high school only with cooler people and better clothes. It’s stories like this (which are rampant at all shops) that help to reinforce this idea.

Agency hook-up’s happen all the time. But they rarely are caught on camera and posted on the web. It wasn’t right for this random dude to film this but would he have gotten fired if the act hadn’t happened in the first place? Definitely not.

Still, it’s a hilarious story for the rest of us and I’m sure the two people at this digital shop won’t be there much longer…especially with the amount of embarrassment they are feeling right now.

I feel like this post is missing something…

…oh right. Here is the full video.


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