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A friend and co-worker recommended that I check out Kevin Roberts (Global CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi) blog. I’ve been reading it now for a few weeks (and was ashamed that I didn’t know about it sooner). It’s a great perspective straight from the top of an agency network.

I don’t think we see enough blogging from the top executives across our industry. Some don’t want to (it’s a bit too personal), others fear the potential of their own writing (who knows what junior PR reporter could pick up and spin) but most simply don’t [think they] have the time to blog – there are bigger things to worry about. And in most cases, there are.

But blogging as a top executive makes a difference. A big one.

For starters, it shows clients (current and potential new ones) where you stand. It gives them a personal look at what you believe in outside of the 2 hour final pitch presentation. It proves that you are in the digital space and not afraid to share your opinion, engage others and answer questions from around the world about your company, brand beliefs and ideas.

It also helps your current staff understand what you’re thinking about, what you are interested in, what gets you up in the morning and shows them how you want to lead your company. It’s a place to share your feelings and show that you are in touch with everyone who works with you. It gives them a chance to comment, share and discuss their own ideas with you. And it’s a lot easier (and more comfortable) than booking a meeting in your busy schedule.

Mr. Roberts, writer of the industry hit Lovemarks, writes about everything in his blog. From movies to trends, farewell’s to ideas, it’s his place to share what he wants. And it makes a difference.

This global CEO could have given a thousand reasons about why he shouldn’t start a blog. He’s 60, in charge of over 7,000 people across the globe, managing a team in a recession and travelling everywhere.

But he didn’t.

He went to Blogger, started an account and got moving. He doesn’t publish everyday and misses weeks here and there, but his posts are thoughtful, true and well written.

I don’t know how many people in the world read it. I don’t know what people at Saatchi think of it. But leaders don’t talk about what people should do. They lead by example.

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