Discover from Sirius & BBDO.

I give this TV spot pretty high marks for both idea and execution. It will be interesting to see if the 30 second spot can be as effective.The 60 second media dollars can only last so long.

Now, lets look at the entire campaign. It gets a 5. Where is the holistic campaign view? No digital extension, no experiential extension… nothing. The idea is around discovery. Come on make that idea live. They had the money for a 60 second spot, why not find a way to bring that idea to life beyond TV.

For example I have shared 10 thoughts, that I came up with in 10 minutes.

1. Microsite. They are offering a 7-day trial on Why not create a Pandora-like microsite where sirius recommends channels, based on a quick survey around discovery.

2. OOH. Transit shelters. Stream satellite radio to the select shelters. Allow users to shuffle sirius while they are waiting. Discover what is playing.

3. OOH 2. Transit shelters. Everyone has ear-buds with them. Allow them to plug in and discover what is playing if you don’t want to have to pay for speakers in the shelter.

4. Subway, buses, streetcars. Do the idea from above on streetcars, subways or buses.

5. In Cabs. Allow passengers to control, discover, listen.

6. Partner with StumbleUpon to create a Stumble Music Video channel OR better yet a stumble music channel that stumbles upon a random sirius channel and gives them 1 hour of free listening per day (based on IP) for the campaign period.

7. The idea above but done on Then allow the user to rate the channel, based on rating the site automatically changes the channel if it is below a 4/5.

8. Take good but unknown indie bands and have them rock out from rooftops like U2 did. One banner, a small street team driving people to

9. Sirius Discover something new challenge. Have a users submit something that they want to Sirius Discover something spokesperson to discover. They then choose one a week and go do it. Video tape it. Post it. Users could submit anything from music related (discover the BigBop on a Friday night), to random challenges like discover chest waxing, discover volunteering at a soup kitchen, discover skydiving, discover 15 minutes in a shark tank, discover rolling in the snow then jumping in a hot tub. Users can also upload their own discoveries.

10. Have Canadians vote on what we think is the greatest Canadian discovery. Velcro, the ski-doo, insulin, Steamwhistle beer,, Jerome Iginla’s wrist shot, the electron microscope, etc.

BBDO…now its your turn. I hope I discover a campaign extension that is integrated across a number of mediums. Make your great TV spot into a Great integrated campaign.

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