How Could I Have Missed This?

Really, I don’t know. MTV has done some weird work in the past (remember the “What if the Holocost happened today” stuff?) but this is top notch. Adrants reported that it recently won a Gold award at a the London International Awards for top animation. As you’ll see, it is certainly deserving.

Find more videos like this on AdGabber

We’ve been discussing the need for campaigns to have their core roots in digital. I think this idea – spreading poppies to Burma from across the world – is perfect for online. I took a quick look at the website and was pretty dissapointed. The letter is a good idea, however couldn’t they have leveraged this animation in some way? What can I sent to Burma right now to really make a difference? And, more importantly, how can you show me that difference?

This seems to be a common problem among brands today. The create a great show – through TV, traditional media, etc – but when it’s time to cut to the brass tax and really engage users, the budget is gone.

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