Something Cool from Sprint? Weird…but True.

I’m pretty skeptical of Sprint, especially after their CEO tagged his first TV spot with a fake email address. That being said, their new “Sprint Now” microsite is a pretty cool idea (even though it has some other, more popular variations on the web).

Developed by Goodby, the site tells you a bunch of random facts about what is going on right now. From the current temperature, latest NY Times news, weather to random facts about the number of coffee cups being produced, current number of babies being born and the global mood. Users can add their own profiles, customize their experience and even download a widget for their social network or desktop.

The experience is very simple but it’s dead on strategy. People, especially ones who own their own business, don’t necessarly have time to surf around on a site. They don’t alwaqys have time to watch an hour of video content, explore the entire site, ask questions and fill out extensive survey’s to find out what’s right for them.

Sprint Now gives you an immediate look at everything going on in your world. And when you don’t have time to read the paper, plow through your RSS feed or watch the news, it’s a good way to see what’s going on.

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