The Marketers Election re-cap

Elections are a pretty big deal down in the US and of course marketers are always looking to capitalize on the wave. Everyone including Joe the plumber, 7/11, MTV, Ben & Jerry’s, Tropicana, Baskin Robbins, AT&T and more.

A couple of the marketing efforts that stood out in my mind are:

1. 7/11 – coffee votes

What I like is that it involves the consumer and that there is an element of emotional benefit for the consumer.

You can display your support, feel involved and if you see others with a blue or red cup feel apart of a community.

It is also pretty cool that it has been consistently accurate.

2. Tropicana

Don’t talk to consumers, talk with them. Tropicana does this well. Here they are not controlling the conversation, but they are benefiting from being a participant and adding value.

Humans love facts and love to be smart – I was addicted to anorangeamerica as I tweeted my fingers off on election night. Have I bought Tropicana as a result? No. But I do remember that they are 100% orange.

3. GUM Election

I found this on Morgan Coudray’s Canadian University Marketing blog post.

It was a guerilla art project kicked started in NY to encourage people to vote, discuss the election AND clean up the streets of NY as it aimed to stop people from disposing their gum on the streets.

Their blog has pictures of the posters that were submitted from around the world.

An interesting read…..

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