The Last Seven Posts

A week ago, I wrote about how I wanted to focus more on digital opinions and post some of my thoughts to AdJoke. I stuck to it for about a week and have linked to my individual opinions below.

A few quick thoughts:

– While it’s great to post opinions, I was dying to comment on a few campaigns but held off to keep my seven post commitment. It made me realize how much I like providing an opinion on all of the work out there

– Balance is key. I’m going to make a huge effort to always include an opinion in whatever is posted and hope that you feel good commenting (I promise to respond quickly)

– Nobody has a clue what is going on in digital. Nobody. Anyone who claims to know what’s coming doesn’t. If they say they do, run.

The Last 7 (not including the plethora of PJC’s cool posts / opinions):

1. The Only Place I Want to See an Ad
2. A set of eHaromony ideas
3. Some overall thoughts on the Digital Space
4. Warning: Gamers are Cool [and influential]
5. 6 Steps to Better Display Metrics
6. Key Questions to Ask About Your Agency and the Digital Revolution
7. Seth Godin’s New Book – Triiibes (an Opinion)

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