How easy it is to care. How easy it is to succeed.

Most banks, credit card companies, etc create a advertising campaign targeting small business a couple times a year. Usually every October during Small Business month, or around small business week (depending on what country/province/ state you live in).

Enter Open Forum from American Express (developed by Digitas). A genius investment from a company that is demonstrating they support business; and they have not gone half assed with their effort. They have brought in some of the leading business consultants to create insightful and relevant content for their visitors. The video is high quality, the interviews and discussions are insightful and the talk value is priceless.

Covering topics that include management, finance, leadership, marketing and innovation American Express has created an experience for not just small business owners, but all business people while delivering on their brand positioning of leadership.

Well done Amex & Digitas. Why is this so difficult for everyone else to understand?

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