The Next 7 Posts

I’ve been thinking a ton about Adjoke lately and had a great discussion with some colleagues last night about how to enhance the quality of the content. We’ve posted a lot; from cool ads to brutal ones, digital trends to viral videos, industry gossip to agency news – the works.

I think that where I’d like to improve is more in the opinion category. Some of my favorite posts have come when PC / myself have provided a perspective on the space and a number of users have commented / debated those thoughts. It’s nice to see a core group of readers who want to engage on some of our ideas and talk about how they could use them for some of their own clients.

What does this mean? Well in the short-term (for my next 7 posts), I’m only going to post opinion pieces related specifically to digital. PC and I have had a done of debates lately on the space and I think we can carry them onto the blog to create some good content.

In the long term, I’ll still be posting about whatever I think is cool but am going to try to ensure that I’ve got a balance of “cool ads” and opinions.

Essentially, I think that the best blogs create unique content that comments on the stories / articles in the industry and puts their own spin on them. They are also focused and create their own niche ideas / readers. Hopefully, people are interested in our perspective and Adjoke keeps on rolling.

Thanks to the group last night who gave me some good thoughts about the blog (specifically YBread) and hope you keep commenting in the near future!

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