The Six Groups of Social Media Behaviour

The book Groundswell by Bernoff and Li has been mentioned by Ty a couple of times on the blog. If you have read the book you will recognize this image:

Essentially it breaks consumers into six groups based on how they participate online. Well how does our population of consumers rank?

A lot of people are questioning the methodology of Forrester’s data collection on this one, and I agree. There are previous studies showing that as many as 89% of Canadians have watched an online video in the last 12 months, completely throwing this 43% spectators percentage out the window.

Regardless I like the idea behing the ladder. It is a great way to filter your social media ideas. Who are your customers? Where on the ladder are they? Now make sure that your ideas, apps, tools, sites…whatever the hell you build makes sense. Don’t expect them to create a video when all they do is watch them.

Charts found through Brad Mays twitter feed. See the full tweet here.


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