The Spectrum of Conversation [and listening].

Sometimes I see these sort of visuals and love them. Other times I hate them. This one I am undecided.

What I like is that it is a great visual for displaying all of the different ways you can engage in online conversation. Become a real web 2.0 evangelist [how disgusting was that sentence].

What I don’t like is that they break online conversation into parts. When you do that it doesn’t work. To truly deliver upon the “art of conversation” online you need to be involved in quite a few of these. For brands to be taken seriously in this environment they need to live it.

You can’t just put up a blog using a platform, then not allow people to spread the word, participate in the conversation and create on their own terms. Those brands will fail, get scared and never return to the world of social media, web 2.0 or whatever you want to call it. I call it the way I choose to engage the internet so that it enriches my life and experiences.

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