Honda Makes Music, but the drops the ball

The road is grooved so that the tires running on it create notes when you drive over it. The URL in the ad drives you to The Civic Project at What do you get when you visit? Just their line of cars. No explanation of what you saw. Even if you do a search on their site, no mention made. The description on the YouTube clip said more and at least gave a quick overview of the purpose:

The Civic has always been about connecting drivers to the road. That got us thinking. Could we build a road that enhanced that connection?

Like many car owners, the Honda crowd is loyal and it feels like they totally missed an opportunity to explain this idea of connection better, let alone have people do stuff with the concept on their own, especially a younger Civic crowd who appreciate this.

2 Responses to “Honda Makes Music, but the drops the ball”
  1. paul says:

    Maybe it was down for some reason when you arrived? At any rate, it’s up now: there by going to where it was featured across the top 1/3 of the page.

  2. Paul Crowe says:

    Thanks Paul, but it is still not doing much for me. It is a little making of video that you have to “find”. I think consumer and honda enthusiasts want to be more involved in brands today. For me it is still just a cool one-off TV execution versus an idea executed with an integrated and engaging campaign.

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