LG and You "Tell the World"

LG Canada, one of the top partners of Toronto’s Fashion Week, has just launched a pretty cool promotion on YouTube. As the lead sponsor, they are hosting a large party (featuring industry icons, a performance by Maroon 5, etc) near the end of the week and have a number of passes to give away to the event.

Rather than run a typical run-in-the mill promo, LG did something pretty cool. They held an open casting call for models around Toronto to come in and walk the runway. Every person who attended the casting session had a 30 second clip of their walk uploaded and posted on YouTube.

On October 17th, the most viewed people will win exclusive passes to LG’s party and get to attend Fashion week – a dream for many aspiring models. The collection of videos has just been posted to the LG YouTube page and some of them are friggin hilarious. I love how the event got a mix of amature models as well as just random people.

The promotion plays of a powerful insight – that people can amplify their desires, interests and feelings through the web (and that models are desperate enough to do anything – especially spam their friends with emails telling them to watch their walk…everyday)

My vote for the overall winner is – by far – this guy:

I’m pumped for the mashup version of this walk (coming soon..I hope) and think that this promo is worthy of some press. With just under 100 videos, it will be interesting to see the number of views that this promo drives.


The mashup..

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