off to NYC i go

So I am extremely excited about leaving to New York tomorrow. I am driving to Buffalo and taking a $50 train. I will let you know how it goes but at this point I honestly can’t imagine a better way to travel… a return trip to NY for less than $120.

Regardless, lets get to the point. It is my first trip to New York and my list of things to do has run to about 35 days over my trips length so I will have to compromise. BUT one thing that will be a huge goal of mine will be to absorb the advertising culture, grab every flyer, take pictures of every 10 story billboard and visit the meccas of retail. Times Square Apple store, FOA Schwartz, Tiffany & Co ( yes I am going with my girlfriend), Niketown NYC and any of your suggestions.

I am staying at 8th & 42nd (basically at times square) so I am in prime location for satisfying my ad-fetish. Look for many advertising ego satisfying pictures like these next week.


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