The Links

Mulling through my RSS feed, I star a ton of articles each week. Rather than link to every one of them through a number of posts, I’m going to do a weekly post with some of my favorites. As always, please feel free to pass on any links you find interesting.

– An in depth look at the Batman Begins ARG developed by 42 entertainment. Pretty amazing.
– A new list of the Top 10 Business related apps on Facebook – I’m a fan of the free conference calling.
– Trying to sell your boss on the validity of social media but can’t find any of the right stats? The folks at Mashable have put together a great list.
– Toyota wants people to pitch them their ad ideas. Another brand who doesn’t believe in agency ideas. Good strategy.
– Google awards some Canadian students for their hot cellphone app. Booya.
– Microsoft trying to unload Avenue A/Razorfish to WPP.
– Creatives, handcuff free, create some good examples of Presidential campaign ads.
– Want to turn your 8GB iPhone into a 1 Terabyte mega-device? You can.

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