Follow Your Instinct with Samsung

A friend of mine forward me this new campaign for the Samsung Instinct (dubbed as one of the many “iPhone killers”). It’s a cool viral tool that has been used for some personal projects on the web before but I think this is one of the first times a brand has leveraged the “choose your own video adventure” format on YouTube.

Start your journey by watching the following video:

Hopefully, you’ve clicked on one of the options (take a cab or follow your instinct) and continued the journey. If you take a quick peek at the number of views the campaign has recieved, you can see it’s well over 80,000 (cumulative numbers using the total videos).

Developed by Fjord at Cossette in Toronto (through CD Paulo Salomao), the campaign has been getting a lot of good press, especially in the blogosphere.

I like the campaign if only because it breaks from the typical “let’s throw something up on YouTube” approach that is all to common these days. I’m sure the client liked it as well becasue it didn’t cost much (my guess…who knows…) and it gives them the ability to say that they’ve done something no other brand has done inside or outside their category.

I do wonder how many people see the journey through from start to finish. Obviously the hot girl / one night stand factor help to see the story through. That being said, even if you watch two of the clips, that’s a success.

Thanks to Katie for the link!

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