Don King and Nike? [Seriously]

I don’t know what to think about new Nike campaign for the US open. If you’re a fan of tennis, you’ve got to be excited about the Federer vs. Nadal rivalry. Wimbledon was – arguably – the greatest grand slam final of all time.

You’d think that nothing could be better for a brand like Nike – their two top athletes in Tennis continually facing off against one another in epic match after epic match.

Where does Don King fit in? He’s the voice behind their new “Grapple in the Apple” campaign. W+K is using an old-school boxing promotional approach to hype the tournament and the potential for another final. I’m all for hype, but I’m not a Don King fan – mainly due to the way boxing has been run for the last 20 years and his role in promoting fights that really aren’t worth watching.

Advertising Age has an in depth article about the campaign. I’d rather just hope that the two meet in the final and not have to worry about watching Don King introduce it.

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