Brilliant Response

Big corporations are scared of user generated sites like YouTube. Why? Because of one reason: control. It’s scary to launch a campaign and have people give you feedback in real time, especially if there could be thousands of them speaking negitively about your brand.

But there is also a huge opportunity to leverage the masses – even if they point out something wrong.

Tiger Woods Golf 2009 is a popular game by EA Sports. A random guy found that there was a gitch in the game. As a video player, you could walk towards a ball in the water and actually hit it. He posted the video on YouTube and called it the “Jesus glitch.”

A few thousand people watched the video and some even emailed EA sports to complain about the problem. Rather than ignore them, EA simply created their own video and responded.

It takes guts to book a meeting with the worlds biggest sports star to respond to a YouTube video. But it is also going to payoff huge. Great work.

Found on Mashable.


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