Missing the Point

As most of you know, clients want help understanding how they can be effective in social media. It’s the “hot” topic right now and one that probably isn’t going away anytime soon. We’ve written a few posts on social media but in my blog searching today I came across a great quote from David Armano (VP of Critical Mass) that is worth thinking about:

“Old habits die hard. While consumers are out there spending countless hours on social networks, file sharing applications, chat, community sites, buying stuff, selling stuff and using multiple devices, some of us tradigital old fogies are still reaching for our beloved toolbox of the past in the hopes of getting their attention. While online user behavior tells us that people respond well to simplicity, we labor to create complexity in the form of experimental navigation and sites that take forever to load. When YouTube arrived on the scene, we responded by putting our TV spots on them or — better yet — creating spots that looked like they were made by amateurs. Little did we know that the real action happens in the comments. Have we thought about talking back to people or are we really just interested in telling our stories?”

It’s one thing to start a conversation or let people talk to you but it’s another thing to actively engage, debate and discuss what your brand is and what it stands for.

From Logic.

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