Google Trends for Websites

Paul has written numerous times about his love for Google Trends. If you are going into a client presentation or trying to convince a coworker with some good online stats, it’s worth checking out.

Google has recently updated Trends with a new feature – the ability to search approximate web traffic against other sites. It’s quite amazing to be able to compare, so simply, one site to another – especially in the same category.

For example, check out the traffic patterns between the National Post and the Globe and Mail:

LinkAlthough we can’t fully understand what lead to the dramatic rise in the Post (increased circulation, awareness ads, SEO), a graph like this would probably raise questions at the Globe and Mail – especially for advertisers who are trying to speak to the same audience.

Another example is even more interesting. vs rival

The spike in June is most likely to the Muchmusic’s biggest event of the year – the MMVA’s. MTV seems to have a stronger TV program schedule (the Hills…) and their peaks most likely reflect series finales or new programs.

Finally, a personal point of interest, Canadian political sites. Let’s take a look at the Conservatives, Liberals and NDP:

These results are interesting and sad. Even in the midst of a leadership convention, the Liberals couldn’t generate more than a few thousand uniques a day. And the Conservatives and NDP? Non-existent. With the current success of American candidates, these groups might want to think about beefing up their web strategies. Or at least play around on Google Trends first.

Found on Laughing Squid.

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