Quote of the week

Some things have to be believed to be seen.
– Ralph Hodgson

Trying to sell truly original ideas or ideas based on technology, programs or media new to your clients can be nearly impossible. They will ask you for examples about what is the industry average for dollars spent, % of marketing budget, CTR, time-spent, etc…but the problem is that if the idea is unique and original these benchmarks will not exist.

This leaves you in the position to either generalize – take unrelated but through the magic of your bullshit similar campaign results and share them with the client or try to make them trust you, but I will never do this and I don’t recommend it either.

Does trust still exist? Our clients depend on us to be successful while their jobs depend on returning results. If they take risks and fail they lose their jobs. As an industry we need to find out how to propose these ideas and convince clients to take risks.

Alex Bogusky please tell us how you do it…. an interview in the Globe and Mail gives us a little insight.

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