GTA IV – by the numbers

With Wednesday’s revelation that Grand Theft Auto IV has topped $500 million in worldwide sales, we realized that the numbers generated by the game since its launch last week are simply becoming too numerous to manage.

To help alleviate that problem, we’ve compiled a list of the most important milestones reached by the title so far. We hope this helps clarify exactly how successful the game has been.

  • Total worldwide sales (units): 6 million [Source: Take-Two Interactive]
  • Total worldwide sales (revenue): more than $500 million [Source: Take-Two Interactive]
  • Total budget estimate: $100 million [Source]
  • First-week U.K. sales: 926,000 [Source]
  • First-day U.K. sales: 609,000 [Source]
  • Copies of Xbox 360 version sold in United Kingdom: 514,000 [Source]
  • Copies of PS3 version sold in United Kingdom: 413,000 [Source]
  • Damages sought by Take-Two after GTA IV ads were pulled from Chicago buses: $300,000 [Source]
  • Xbox Live popularity rank: 1 [Source]
  • Gamefly rental popularity rank: 1 (Xbox 360), 3 (PS3) [Source]
  • Steps included in official fix for PlayStation 3 issues: 12 [Source]
  • Current Metacritic rating: 99
  • Restraining orders filed against the game: 1 [Source]
  • Achievements unlocked in one day: 2 million [Source]
  • Gamerpoints awarded as a result: 15 million [Source]

…but Halo has still created more google searches
From Wired


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