Blogging Guide – Frequency = More Uniques

Over the next few days, Adjoke is going to be posting…a lot. Our hope is to gain a large number of unique visits in a short time.

It’s a test, of sorts, to prove that in blogging, one of the main factors of readership is frequency of posts. Want 100 unique visits starting from scratch? Post 10 times and Digg them all and you’ve got a decent shot of getting there in under a few hours.

Want more than that? That’s where things get tricky.

Respected blogs and bloggers like Seth Godin or Valleywag receive thousands of unique visits each day. During some of their busier months, they can get well over 1 million visits. How to they do it?

First off, they make a promise with their readers and keep it – they post at least once a day. (Valleywag posts at least 15 times).

There is nothing worse than going back to a blog after a week only to read the exact same post. We all have our excuses – things were busy at work that week, other stuff got in the way – but if you want a consistent audience you’ve only got to do one thing – post.

And post we will. Let the hyper-blogging begin.

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