A Free Lesson in Customer Service

If you haven’t heard of “iPod’s Dirty Secret” you should check it out below. The video was created a few years ago in response to Neistat brothers horrible call with Apple about his defunct iPod battery.

Essentially, the customer service rep told him that he only had once choice – to buy a new iPod because the replacement battery for the one he had purchased was just as expensive.

In response to this horrible policy, the Neistat brothers did something simple. They made a video and launched a website. Oh, and they also defaced every Apple ad that they could find in New York City with their tease message and URL.

Although the site is down, the video and stenciling was highly effective. Over the year, the video received thousands of views and tens of thousands of people visited the site.

If Apple had been another company, their response most likely would have been a lawsuit.

But the brilliant folks at Apple did something nobody expected – they agreed and changed their return policy. If one of you’re battery’s stopped working, just call Apple and they’ll send you a new iPod – free of charge. No questions asked.

It’s amazing to see how effectively a negative PR campaign can be turned into a positive one by some logical, corporate thinking.

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