Jailbroken Ipod Touches featured in Ads

Both Circuit city and RadioShack have run the same image in their weekend circulars – the image of a Ipod touch that has been jailbroken.

My guess is that this can be blamed on one of two things, cheap clients and stock photography or a moronic retoucher/photographer assistant..etc.

Essentially I believe they purchased the cheapest stock photograph available and it just happened to be of a broken phone. But what I believe to most likely be the reason is that this is the fault of the retoucher or the photographers team. Most devices are shot turned off and captured or downloaded electronically, then placed onto the screen during the retouching stage. This is usually the case especially when used for print as the resolution must be at least 300 dpi.

I imagine Steve Jobs and a number of RadioShack & Circuit City execs will be mighty pissed Monday.

The lesson – hire smart professionals, have an eye for detail and don’t be cheap.

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