Experiential Site Design

Site design is one of the most important considerations for building an interactive experience. Many corporate sites provide horrible user experiences because they want to incorporate all the information on one page – new products, thousands of options, the latest deals, plans and, of course, contact information.

I’ve recently been working with an experienced UXD (User Experience and Design) consultant and have learned the need to structure all information in a cohesive and intuitive way. It’s amazing to see the improvements in a web site when you clearly define the path’s that you want your users to go down and the pages that are most critical for them to view.

One of the top UXD blogs that I’ve been able to find is called Logic+Emotion. Written by David Armanio (current VP of Experience Design at Digital shop Critical Mass), the blog is the destination for aspiring interactive people to understand the importance of thinking through design and enabling your users to have excellent experiences.

Not only does it provide a good overview, but also great examples.

My favorite site – from an experiential POV – is Motorola City. Designed by European agency Soulpolice and managed by BBDO NY, Mororola City’s objective is to let users experience the benefits that Motorola can provide to governments and their communities.

By combining video with 9 comprehensive stories, the site provides a great view of Motorola’s products and solutions – from managing a fire in downtown to fingerprinting a suspect in the subway.

This site isn’t just executed flawlessly – it’s designed with the main objective in the forefront. Every click, video and story helps to highlight the benefits of working with Motorola. If you want to get a sense of the possibilities of a website, you’ve got to check it out.

Just remember the next time your working on a site – it can look great, but if the user experience sucks it’s not going to last long.

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