TAP Project and thougths

I am sure that you have seen this before. I wanted to share it because the other night when I was watching the video I was trying to think how many times I had heard an idea of this proportion come-up in a brainstorm, presented to a client, etc to only see that idea never see the light of day because of budget constraints, lack of time, or a key player just doesn’t get it.

For the team at Droga 5 it must be an incredible feeling to have clients, CDs, Directors , etc that believe in their big ideas and give them the time, money and opportunity to make them see the light of day.

On another note I do have a few issues with the video. It says the cost to UNICEF was $0; but somebody had pay for the site build, hosting, the production of window decals, printing of OOH, production for OOH video elements, etc. I just don’t see hard costs being donated and all work being done for free.

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