Diamond Shreddies!

If you haven’t seen the new Diamond Shreddies campaign, you might be missing one of the best cereal campaigns in the last 20 years.

As a non-cereal eater and someone who doesn’t wake up before noon on Saturday’s (thus missing the morning cartoons and cereal commercials), this is one of the only cereal campaigns I actually remember (aside from Lucky Charms).

Shreddies hasn’t changed in a number of years and unlike many cereals, it’s not going too. This presents a problem from a marketing standpoint. The campaign objective is to make people think about Shreddies again – to make them talk about the simple cereal.

The “Diamond Shreddies” campaign meets this objective by having fun with the brand. Everyone knows that nothing has changed about the cereal. Everyone knows that turning the Shreddie sideways isn’t that special. But some of the spots around the campaign are.

From the simple billboards to the research groups asking people to evaluate new diamond Shreddies vs. the old square ones, this campaign is creating word of mouth and has become a big hit.

Some people think the campaign is just plain dumb, others believe it’s absolutely hilarious, but if we’re talking about it (good or bad), it has done its job.

Check out the ‘research’ video below.

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