Horrible Parents

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I just found this video on Digg and I have to say that it’s one of the meanest pranks I’ve ever come across.

If you’ve ever said that your parents are mean, watch this and be thankful you grew up in the family you did.

Tech superblog Engadget has offered a free Microsift XBox 360 to the boy on the condition that he doesn’t let his family play it at all. They’ve had some luck getting in touch with him and we will update the story when the reward has been given.

Microsoft might want to take this a bit further for some good PR – give the kid a ton of games, gear and swag. Then take it a step further and destroy his parents lives through a series of personal computer hacks (like Sandra Bullock in The Net), canceled social security cheques and mysterious withdraws from their bank accounts.

In the end, have the son get them on video as their house is being foreclosed. Then, in a fun ironic twist, have the son give them an XBox 360 as he drives off into the sunset in his Microsoft Hybrid car.


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