The "Fun" of Client Approvals

How many approvals does your creative have to go through? My guess is that the norm would be at least 4: Creative Director Brand Director Direct Client Report Clients Boss For some, it’s way more. But hey, at least the feedback is never consolidated… From Bannerblog

Hey Jude Cover

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How Agencies Sell Themselves

Found this great post from the W+K London blog tonight. It’s all about the different slogans that agencies use to help position themselves to clients. What do you think? Rhetoric or meaningful? JWTSlogan: ‘Time is the new currency’They say: “The power of brands can be measured in their ability to attract people’s time. Time is … Continue reading

The New Instant Win

Download the software. Find a Pizza Hut promo poster. Take a picture and you are instantly taken to the Promo site and told what you have won. Everything from coupons to prizes. This promo is simple, rewarding and instant – I like it. What could make it better? Have the software available for a bluetooth … Continue reading

Consumption on the move

I have spent the last 30 minutes studying this graph. I find it amazing. The most intersting items I have pulled from it are that it is entertainment items that have the fastest adoption rates and not quality of life products. It looks to me like the products that have the steepes curves are VCR, … Continue reading

Rogers Wireless – Now on Facebook

Rogers Wireless, a Canadian Telcommunications company, has recently launched a new corporate page on Facebook called MyMusic. MyMusic is a page that consolidates a number of music partnerships that Rogers has – from top Universal artists to MTV Canada, as well as their own music properties like the Rogers MusicStore and Redpipe. It also houses … Continue reading

100 for 18?

In a recent NY times article, columnist Ron Nixon goes into an in-depth overview of how the RED campaign has performed. Launched a few years ago by some mega-brands – GAP, Motorola and now Dell – the campaign was designed to raise awareness about the AIDS epidemic and the funds raised help go to HIV … Continue reading

Innovative Out of Home

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That’s the number of videos that were viewed online in 2007 according to Comscore. Google sites (YouTube), represented the largest stake of the views with over 32% of the total. With numbers like that, the pre-roll won’t be far away! From Mashable –

Sears – Manage my home

Sears has launched a new site called Manage My home. Seems like a good idea…will it work? It allows you to regsiter your products purchased from Sears and it helps you track warranties, maintenance, and news about them – including recalls. They have also added video content as well as household maintenance and general tips … Continue reading